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Weight Management Specialist

New Day Wellness Center -  - Board Certified Family Medicine

New Day Wellness Center

Board Certified Family Medicine & Health and Wellness Specialist located in Charlotte, NC

Weight management is about more than counting calories and exercising more. An underlying health issue — like a hormone imbalance — could be the culprit to weight fluctuations, so schedule an exam with the New Day Wellness team right away. This highly skilled Charlotte, North Carolina-based team has extensive experience in designing personalized and effective weight management plans. To book your evaluation, click on the online scheduler or call the clinic.

Weight Management Q&A

What causes weight gain?

In general, if you follow a poor diet and have a sedentary lifestyle, you’re probably going to gain weight — or have trouble managing a healthy weight. But what does it mean if you eat right, follow a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and still gain weight? It might mean that you have an underlying health issue, such as:

You can also gain weight as a side effect of medications. For instance, if you need steroid treatments to help with an orthopedic injury, your medications could be triggering your weight gain. Because weight fluctuations can be a red flag of a health issue, it’s always important to get your primary care physician involved from day one.

How can I lose weight?

The caring team at New Day Wellness understand how complex weight management can be. They get to know you as an individual and evaluate your overall health, right from day one. If needed, they can treat any underlying issues, such as hormone therapy if you have a hormone imbalance.

You can also select from a variety of medical weight-loss systems at New Day Wellness. Each is described below.

Appetite suppressant program

New Day Wellness offers a prescription appetite suppression weight management program that includes FDA-approved medications, like phentermine. This supervised program combines appetite suppressants with metabolic-stimulating treatments to boost weight loss and help you learn to maintain a healthy diet.

Meal replacement program

You may even benefit from a personalized meal replacement program. The team at New Day Wellness proudly offers Ideal Protein®, a protein-rich ketogenic weight loss and weight management system. You learn how to incorporate Ideal Protein into your daily routine while following your individualized nutrition plan for optimal weight management.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The team at New Day Wellness stresses the importance of focusing on small goals — don’t get too wrapped up in the big number. As long as you’re losing a moderate 1-2 pounds per week (you may certainly lose more), you’re right on track. Since the team of weight management specialists supports you every step of the way, you can expect to reach your goals and learn to maintain your body weight.

If you’re ready to get on top of your weight once and for all, schedule a weight management evaluation at New Day Wellness today. Book online or over the phone.