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New Day Radio Frequency (RF) Services


What is Radio Frequency (RF) Technology?

Radio Frequency (RF) energy, in the form of radiating waves or electrical currents is used in medical treatments for minimally invasive procedures. Radio Frequencies is commonly used as a part of aesthetic treatments that can tighten skin, reduce fat by lipolysis and apoptosis, or promote healing and rebuilding of tissues.

Radio Frequency energy is a form of electromagnetic energy. Radio Frequency current through tissue will generate heat in the tissue. This source of heat has been applied as a means of shrinking redundant or lax connective tissues through the mechanism of collagen denaturation. Collagen molecules are produced by fibroblasts. Heated fibroblasts contribute to new collagen formation and subsequent tissue remodeling which can also contribute to a change in physical/aesthetic appearance. The precise heat-induced behavior of connective tissues is dependent on several factors which include the maximum temperature reached, exposure time, tissue hydration and tissue age.








Wrinkle Reduction

Acne Treatment


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Fat Reduction

Skin Tightening

Muscle Toning

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Incontinence Treatment


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