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Primary Care Specialist

New Day Wellness Center -  - Board Certified Family Medicine

New Day Wellness Center

Board Certified Family Medicine & Health and Wellness Specialist located in Charlotte, NC

Your primary care team is your cornerstone to your overall health, disease management, and preventive care. If you need to become established with a primary care physician, the dedicated team at New Day Wellness can help. This caring team in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers individualized patient-centric solutions and comprehensive health management. You can schedule your primary care visit online or call the office directly.

Primary Care Q&A

Why do I need a primary care physician?

Your primary care physician (PCP) is your go-to person for all of your health care needs. Whether you just want to prevent disease, get help managing a chronic condition, or need treatment for a seasonal bug, your primary care physician can help.

It’s also important to be established with a PCP so that all of your medical records are in one place. This way, you have someone that monitors biomarkers and signs of chronic disease year after year and can detect early warning signs of serious issues.

What happens during a primary care exam?

Your primary care exam at New Day Wellness is tailored to your specific needs, overall health, and any current concerns you may have. After sitting and having a discussion with you — and learning about your family medical history — your practitioner performs a head-to-toe evaluation. Your exam may involve:

  • Blood testing or a urinalysis
  • Pulse and blood pressure check
  • Body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • Neurological and reflexes testing
  • Pelvic exam or Pap test (for women)

The multidisciplinary family medicine team of specialists at New Day Wellness can help you manage an autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or other lifelong issues, so you don’t have to go to multiple providers.

Plus, since New Day Wellness provides direct care and isn’t tied down by insurance restrictions, the team has more flexibility in spending time counseling you on your health and providing high-quality, personalized care.

Which treatments does a primary care physician offer?

The team at New Day Wellness offers a realm of innovative and regenerative health care solutions, depending on your needs. Some of the most common treatments they offer include:

Since the team at New Day Wellness helps you take the lead on your health management, you can expect to feel better, have more energy, and look your best after starting your individualized care plan.

Get established with your primary care team at New Day Wellness today. Book your appointment online or over the phone.